Latest thoughts and memories during the continuing journey . . . .

For much of my adult life I’ve been learning and developing my photographic, writing and publishing skills, but most recently I have been furthering my passion for social history and genealogical research.

So I decided to modernise the appearance of my online platform (that I established several years ago) on which I share my thoughts, hopes, and frustrations  regarding those matters that affect planet earth, myself and other inhabitants.

As ever, I welcome inputs, suggestions, comments or thoughts from readers. To do this go to the blog page,  (select the blog page from the menu bar above or click here.  NB You’ll need  to  register before you can comment see below*

* When you register you’ll be asked to give a valid email address and select a user name of your choice; you can even select your own avatar if you wish (please keep to about 80 pixels square). Material will be be held from publication, as I reserve the right to edit or delete items that I find are inappropriate, unacceptable, offensive or incompatible with the normal standards of decency.
In a free and open society who needs windows or gates?