Another UK election?

In June 2017 the UK goes to the polls again, with the aim of demonstrating to the EU that the UK is united in its determination to leave the EU.

For the result to be meaningful, it’s vital that every single voter exercises their democratic right, and actually casts their vote, else the election will have been pointless.

Each nation needs laws and regulations that reflect the views, standards, ethics and aims of all the inhabitants of that nation. If neighbouring nations have identical “views, standards, ethics and aims” , then it is possible that alliances of such nations can succeed; in my view, alliances that have been formed (historically) are not renowned for their longevity!

Read your history books, or better still talk to those who have lived through, and experienced major events and failures of alliances.

Would you prefer to see the UK’s future:-

  • linked with nations who have the same views, standards, ethics, ideals and aims as the UK’s (and who have shown themselves to be so like-minded)


  • linked to nations who just happen to be geographically close


I know what I would rather have!