Statements by Leaders of Political Parties

I thought I had heard just about everything but the current leader of the Labour Party is reported as having said today:

“. . . . “many experts” had linked UK involvement in wars abroad to terrorism at home, as election campaigning resumed after the Manchester attack.”

Perhaps the UK governments may not have been as effective as some would have liked with it’s recovery strategy post an overseas intervention, but the brave men and women in our armed forces carried out the tasks that the Government of the day asked them to carry out.

I recall that not that many years ago we were assured by another senior Labour politician (despite some expert evidence to the contrary) that the justification for the UK’s joint intervention in one overseas country was that there were weapons of mass destruction’ stored in that country – those weapons were never actually found.

I trust our armed forces implicitly to carry out those duties that our country asks of them.
I do not have that level of trust in all of our politicians.