Thinking British people know who our friends and allies are!

So from the debacle of the 8th and 9th July only two cabinet members appear to be principled!

The rest of the Parliamentary tory party have lost the plot entirely.

Their feeble mutterings about “knowing what is the right decision for Britain” is as feeble as their management of those issues that affect all of us.

I am struggling to recall any issue that this government has managed well.

Those with “power” get more powerful.

Those who are wealthy are getting wealthier.

Alas I do not see a single ethical and moral person with vision, who standing  up to lead the United Kingdom!
Someone who can lead us out of the morass that two successive tory governments (with feeble contributions from the libs and niggling irritations from the labs) have dragged us in to.

Where are you!

Stand up!