UK Pedestrians New Hazard – Cyclists!

One small step . . . .

Some time back I commented on cyclists who ignore the law and continue to ride on all public footpaths.

It’s very simple, if the path is not signed as being a cycle path (or joint public footpath and cycle path), then riding a bike on it is against the law.

Let me state at this point that I have no qualms at all about cycle riding itself (on the contrary), but I do object to people (of all ages, ethnic groups, sex etc.) who ride their bikes on paths that were designed and built for pedestrians; many paths only 90cm wide (3 feet about in old currency).

So after sighting a couple of really close shaves of bikes vs pedestrians, I approached the Thames Valley Police HQ. The response was fast and positive.  Action will be under way this week, and the local commander of my area will be in touch within a week.

Hopefully a few reminders, cautions and even fines may produce a rise in public awareness of what is is not safe.

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