Spinach and Ricotta Frittata

Just bursting with goodness!

I free range egg
½ tbsp Italian style hard grated cheese
20 ml filtered water
125 gm raw spinach
½ tbsp virgin olive oil
100 gm Ricotta cheese
Fresh herbs (I prefer parsley in this dish)
Put the spinach in a steamer for a few minutes to soften
Whist that is cooking, put the Ricotta in a small bowl and whisk gently with a fork until creamy
Beat the egg and the water together and then add the herbs and the grated cheese and mix thoroughly
When the spinach is soft drain and press any excess water out of it, then chop finely
Fold the spinach into the whisked Ricotta
Add the spinach / Ricotta mixture to the whisked egg mixture and gently mix the combination together
Put the olive oil in a small lidded fry-pan and place on an medium element
When the oil is hot add the mixture to the pan and put the lid on for a few minutes – until the mixture is set
Using a dinner plate or similar gently slide the fritatta onto the dinner plate and then flip back into the fry-pan
When browned on both sides slide it’s ready to serve
I usually serve this with a small baked potato and a fresh salad
Calories 350 approximately