Nine years ago at age 66 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I decided back then to take immediate steps to improve my health and well being, so as to be better able to handle the treatment for the disease, and whatever followed.

So. . .

  • I changed my diet and became a vegetarian
  • I started using an exercise bike together with five floor exercises
  • I began transcribing historic documents at home (mind exercise!)

The following 18 months were demanding as I underwent the treatment programme, monthly hormone injections followed by radiography. The treatment was successful, and shortly after completion I started to increase my exercise programme. In early June 2020 I was confirmed as being “in remission”.

When the virus outbreak Lockdown struck I was starting to give thought to what I could do. Being well over 75 years old I followed the recommended guidelines and self-isolated. I would of course have the ability to devote more time to the conversion of my rear garden to a wildlife friendly haven, and also spent more hours transcribing historic documents at home. But what else could I do? Captain Tom’s effort gave me the inspiration to help support our essential health personnel as well as our (what we now refer to as) Key Workers“.

My choice, is to attempt to cycle an extra mile (or part) as a part of my daily exercise regime. I benefit from more exercise and each km or part thereof will be converted to £’s for charity.

My “conversion” rate is currently £1 per extra mile and that money will go to NHS charities for the first two months and from then it will change monthly to the next charity in rotation from the table of charities on the results page.

As from 16th August 2020, I was forced by circumstances to revise the funding formula. See the blog entry here As from that date I have replaced my previous effort on an increase in exercise distances to a non-mechanical exercise, i.e. steps ran on the spot. Each (of my) pace(s) is around 900mm, so for every 500 steps that’s around 450 metres.

The target from the 5BX exercise programme chart 2 is 425 metres and as from 16th August 2020 my comparison will be in metres travelled, with a base of 500 metres, as my first day’s effort was 560 metres!” It looks as though my supported charities will continue to receive good levels of funding from GoXMi !

See the results to date page here

If any follower of my site would like to help, they could do something similar to what I am doing at their own personal level.


On 12th October I had a stroke and have had to rethink my fundraising strategy!

For the time being I have no choice but to postpone my current exercise base for fundraising, and my current thinking is some sort of points as I recover milestones.

However as I was only a few days shy of the end of the month cycle (20th October) I will shortly be sending £19.51 (19.51 kms) to the NSPCC as previously planned.

In conclusion I would like to give my grateful thanks to my GP surgery, the London Ambulance Service and St Georges Hospital in Tooting.

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We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible. See our Privacy Policy for more information.