Sleep Disorders – Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

High cost of sleep disorder

A section on this mornings Breakfast on the BBC-One’s channel, demonstrated a simple and easy remedy for major snoring disorders and particularly Sleep Apnoea.

As I (and several of my close family members!) well know, Sleep Apnoea is where the airway is blocked or partially blocked when the muscles of the throat relax.  This interferes with breathing, often stopping it altogether for short periods many times a night leading to lack of oxygen, restless sleep and heavy snoring.

The knock-on effect of a sleep apnoea condition on top of other health issues such as arteriosclerosis (hardening & narrowing of the arteries)and angina is pretty well acknowledged here in the UK as a significant additional complication.

A recent news report in March 2012 on the BBC also discussed sleep apnoea – see here

For several years now I have been using a CPAP machine (Continuous Pressure Air Pump).  I believe that in the UK this is now the best practice treatment for the condition and it is brilliant!  Takes a little while to get the most appropriate adjustments for the mask when it fits properly (and comfortably) and you get used to it, you will awake rested and refreshed daily.



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