The BIGGEST Garden Pest – Domestic Cats

Pets or Pest

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-cat.  Domestic pets in general have many proven benefits, but owning a pet carries with it a duty of care.  Care, not just for the pet’s own health and well-being, but a responsibility on the pet owner to ensure that their pets do not cause problems to the community at large.

A survey found a couple of years back, that there are over TEN MILLION domestic cats in the UK· That is a significant number and there are enormous knock-on effects from that number of cats.

Such as:

  1. Cost of pet food and health care on the family budget
  2. Faecal ‘deposit’ disposal and responsibility
  3. Killing native wildlife
  4. Hygiene in neighbouring communal areas
  5. Damage to plant-life in gardens

I know there are cost implications of cats for me, and I do not even own a cat or dog! It’s the costs I incur because cats come into my garden from neighbouring properties, and costs include the cost of replacing plants that cats have broken / disturbed / killed and the cost of electricity to power noise cat-deterrent equipment and the replacement of that equipment.

I abhor having to collect and dispose of poo from other people’s pets routinely deposit in my garden.

It is sad that native birds are at risk from marauding moggies.

Dog owners are in the main responsible people in my experience and dog poo on public streets is not too bad where I live.

Dog owners are legally responsible for the toilet habits of their dogs, why shouldn’t cat owners be treated similarly?



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    June 26, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    Well after much research and trialing, I may just have stumbled on a solution to the cat poop issue.

    I invested in a Pestbye cat deterrent (with mains adapter). I’d tried cheaper items that purport to do the same or similar things before, but they were only of limited success.

    Their method of operation is to broadcast a high pitched noise when the unit’s PIR heat / motion detector is activated. The noise is not within human hearing range, so unless you depress the trial button, one doesn’t hear anything. The noise is claimed to be within the range of cats, dogs and foxes, and I have to say that thus far (3 weeks of installation), I have only had one ‘incursion’ by a cat. That particular night we were experiencing gusty (up to gale-force) winds which may have had something to do with that nights ‘failure’

    More varieties and larger numbers of birds seem to be visiting my garden more frequently also – this is as claimed by the distributors. If you don’t use the mains adapter, it could be expensive to use as it takes two 9v batteries and depending on the number of cat or dog visits the cost of battery replacement may be high.

    I’ll update this from time to time

    As Livingstone reportedly said ‘Safari, so good’.

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    July 8, 2012 at 9:01 am

    I am delighted to record that with now over a month since I installed it, my Pest Bye cat deterrent is still working brilliantly, with no further moggie mess.

    Admittedly, in the UK we are experiencing the wettest summer of all time (well recorded time anyway!), and as cats don’t like water, ’tis said, perhaps they are arranging their ‘deposits’ on their home turf.

    Fingers crossed!

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