My principle writing in the beginning, was poetry.  Indeed my first attempt at poetry was spawned by a visit to a (now long closed) Australian whaling station. A few countries continue to carry on this barbaric trade, for which there can be no justification.

I continue to support a number of organisations who seek to conserve our natural environment and oppose all forms of barbarism, whether it’s whaling, fox-hunting, badger culling or the like.

My first book was entitled ‘Poetrographs’ which consisted of high definition photographs taken and images created by me, with the poem that the artwork inspired me to write.  That book included ‘Whale’s Lament’, the poem that started me off on the creative writing path.  Another poem from that book, “The Passage of Time’ appears in full on the page Writing ¤ 

My second book was entitled “Write Right” which I restricted to text only.  A poem from this book, is including on that same page, Writing ¤

After that came a non-fiction book on Genealogy (‘The Lives & Times of the Fink Family) and that was followed by “Just Reminiscin'” graphics, poetry and more short stories.

Since that time most of my spare time has been taken up by genealogical endeavours as I attempt to unravel the lives of my forbears.



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Please note that I continue to hold the full copyright on all of my work, so please do not lift (in other words steal) or use my written work without my permission; it is against international law.