Integrity, Truth and Honesty

Interesting subject, truth and honesty!  Especially if one looks at it from the perspective of those who choose to champion such virtues, like religious leaders, politicians etc.

An event that always fascinated me is the abdication of Kind Edward the Eighth in 1936.  I was moved by his abdication address to the nation when I first heard it, and as a result I have subsequently read a great deal of material about the life and times of that monarch.

The way he carried out his WW1 service endeared him to the veterans of that war, but by the 1920’s, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin’s ministers were critical about him ‘getting involved in politics’ over his expressions of concerns for the impoverished.  Certainly Edward VIII made a number of insensitive gaffes during life, but he is not the only royal to do that!

Ministers were reported as being reluctant to send documents to Edward in case the lady he intended to marry, the twice-divorced Mrs. Simpson, might be able to gain access to them.  There is even a report of a possible involvement of the British Secret Services into the relationship between Edward and Mrs. Simpson.

Just recently, however, news reports about the role of the then Archbishop of Canterbury in the whole affair (who was presumably allowed to ‘get involved in politics’) have put a different slant on the whole subject – see here for the Daily Mail’s version.  The actions of the most senior bishop of the Church of England were without doubt totally unacceptable – let’s not forget that the Church of England came into being because an earlier monarch would not accept the dictates of the then church leader – the Pope – regarding the subject of marriage and divorce!

The phrase ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’, springs to mind

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