Butterfly Conservation

The October newsletter from Butterfly Conservation, has an article on the Comma butterfly.

“Those who head out in the countryside this month should keep watch in the brambles for a beautifully shaped butterfly. The scalloped wings of the Comma give it a ragged appearance that is unique among UK butterflies.  

The shape of its wings, combined with the subtle combination of brown colours on the underside, provide great ‘dead leaf’ camouflage for the butterfly during its long hibernation. The white comma-shaped mark on the wing, from which the butterfly gets its name, adds to the subterfuge by resembling a small crack or tear in the leaf. 

Commas are busy feeding up during the last warm days of autumn in preparation for the winter. When flowers are in short supply, they will happily feed from over-ripe fruit such as blackberries.

 To learn more about Butterfly conservation, please visit their beautiful website at www.butterfly-conservation.org.

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