Writing – actual examples

The following poem first appeared in the book “Poetrographs” first published in July 2002.  In that book, the poem was accompanied by the author’s colour photograph of a side cloistered entrance to Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire. When the photograph was taken, the door at the end of the cloister was highlighted by the rays of the setting sun. (see the image in the gallery on the Photography & Art page)

The Passage of Time
What feet have trod these ancient flags and passed these stately portals?
The armoured heels and satin-ed soles of oh so many mortals.
They came to seek the salve of hymn, or soothing sermon-ed phrases;
To find some peace, seek ailment’s cure or sing the good Lord’s praises.
But those whose eyes are not downcast can yet see other pictures;
A narrow door and straightened path with no pervading strictures.
Though many ways lead left and right, the shortest route is clear,
To focus vision straight ahead, dispelling journey’s fear.
There is real need with all Gods kin to keep the gaze affixed,
To keep our destine’s light in view, horizons line transfixed,
So lift your gaze like those of yore who trod this ancient floor,
Set not your eyes to left or right but on the golden door!

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The following poem appeared in my second book, ‘Write Right’. It was inspired by a dream I had when two people that I cared deeply about were dying from lung cancer. Both experienced enormous pain in their last days and they seemed angry and frustrated. My dreams recurring theme was of a bee trapped inside a curtained window. After their deaths, the dream ended – the bee had gained it’s ‘freedom’.

The Right Time to Leave
Why am I hurting all the damned time?
Why have I been chosen? What’s my crime?
I’ve been a good person-caused nobody sorrow,
I’ve done nobody any real harm that I know,
I’ve tried when I can to help out my fellow,
I’ve brought up my kids to similarly follow,
  Yet I’m in pain,
       With no relief,
           So much pain,
                 It’s overwhelming!
The only way out I can see is by dying,
An option I haven’t aspired to be trying,
I’ve followed a code but I’m not a church-goer,
But there are many alive who are such evil buggers,
Like paedophiles, rapists and serial murderers,
Terrorists, mass killers and suicide bombers, 
    Why chose me?
           Why not another?
                   I’ve been good, 
                          Well not too bad really.
But now the way forward is becoming clear,
Though it means I’m leaving behind those who’re dear,
I see that my loved ones have all started crying,
But there’s a light up ahead that looks so inviting,
I hear voices now that are kind and so pleasing, 
So there’s nowt to fear after all when you are dying,
     Pain relief,
           True belief,
                  Blessed peace,

If you would a PDF file-format copy of my book ‘Write Right’, please visit tbe Orders Page