Bread Recipes

Bread making goes back in my family to at least the 1800’s – probably earlier.  I now am unable to do the kneading, due to osteoarthritis in my hands. I initially I used a basic bread maker to do the kneading for me, the results were not always satisfactory, so I now use a food mixer equipped with a dough hook to perform the mixing and kneading stages of all my bread-making .

I use an electric fan oven in my kitchen for the baking stage, and add a pan of water into the bottom of it when I am baking bread.

I only use flours marked as ‘Strong’, but they range quite markedly in price and in performance; trial and error is the only way.

I prefer a mix of strong wholemeal seeded flour with strong white in the ration of 1 to 3 (one wholemeal to three white)

I only ever use sea salt (it’s not been refined to death!) and I prefer olive oil to any other oil.

The quantities shown, times etc, work well in my kitchen, but beware – different ovens / and equipment will impact on the baking / resting times and quantities.

The recipe I use as my standard loaf is my Grain & Seeds Loaf but beware you’ll have to hide it, as it disappears so quickly!!