Harfin’s Poem for Peace in 2013

On the 11th November, we remember those who have lost their lives or were wounded or harmed in the defence of their country.

Now it’s just a few days before one of the most important dates in the Christian calender, Christmas Day.

With both these dates fresh in my mind, and with the beautiful yet haunting Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night” playing in the background, I was inspired to write the following poem.

So, I dedicate my poem to the memory of all the men, women and children who have died in conflicts, past and present.  

Yes, we shall remember them.

The Warrior’s Song for Peace

Warriors at rest, be not afraid,
Of the bugle calls, that you obeyed,
You paid the price, so that we could be free,
Laid down your lives for so many like me,
We pray your suffering did cease,
And that you now all rest in peace,

No more battles to fight for you it is o’er,
And we who live on recall evermore
Sacrifice and a great loss of life,
Yet this world is still full of strife,
With all of the grief that entails,
We pray lasting peace can prevail.

If all of us pray, for e’er lasting peace,
And calls to arms, do forever cease,
The earth can yet be for all a safe place,
Peace fore’er in God’s heavenly grace,
Let everyone each strive for peace,
And pray that all violence cease.

© Alan A. Hart
December 13, 2013